Social Media Management

Social Media Management is not only an essential way for companies to drive awareness of their brands to target audiences, but also to create the right impression to key influencers like journalists and buyers and as a tool to help with SEO marketing.

This doesn't, however, mean that all brands are suited to all social media channels or that you should be spending all of your time trying to juggle all of them at once. Just because one of your friends, or another business, is using a specific platform does not mean that that is the best one for your brand - or in fact the best use of your time. 

Whether you're already on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or TikTok and need social media management or are starting from understanding a little more about your own brand and goals, I can help tailor the best strategy to optimise the power of social media for your own brand.

I can also help you to explore exciting brand partnerships and coordinate work with influencers. 

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