SEO Marketing 

As part of my online marketing services, I also offer assistance and advice on SEO Marketing (search engine optimisation marketing). Widely shortened to "SEO", it is a key building block in making your brand more visible online and can be completely free!!!

The benefits of SEO Marketing are more often felt in the medium to long term, but if you build the foundations, you will reap the rewards. In a nutshell, it's about doing certain things that will help Google find, index and rank your online business, so that Google can then consider showing it to customers who are looking for goods and services like yours.


Amongst other things, this means understanding the power of copywriting, website structures, keywords, key phrases and backlinks.

SEO is one of the digital marketing solutions I offer and so get in touch if you'd like to see what it can do for your business. I can also help with copywriting, blog writing, content strategy, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and generally with marketing ideas, tips and strategies to grow your business.

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