Brand Collaborations & PR

Whether it's to build trust and credibility for your brand, drive awareness to new audiences or enhance SEO, there's a lot you can do through brand collaborations and PR.

When trying to achieve any type of coverage beautiful photography is critical, as is a well written and compelling press release or brand introduction (that also takes SEO into account). I can help with both copywriting and photography, having been responsible for multiple photo shoots, that includes sourcing photographers, models, hair and make-up artists and locations. 

I have developed numerous partnerships and collaborations for brands.

Working With Influencers

Whilst marketing a fashion brand, I enjoyed working with influencers (micro influencers), stylists and other fashion, jewellery and lifestyle brands. For restaurant marketing, I have built relationships with multiple food influencers.

Fill in the form and let's chat about the exciting opportunities I could create for your brand. 

PR - Influencers

Working With Influencers - Claudia Berresford

PR - Press Feature - Small Business Mark

PR - Being Featured In The Media - Red Magazine (printed)

Working With Influencers - Small Busines

Working With Influencers - Lemony Travels

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